Values guide how we do what we do. It is our moral compass. It determines who and how we involve others in our quest for success. Determining your core values will help you to be successful and feel fulfilled. (Refer to my articles on Core Values.) 

The next element is VISION. Visualize the end states of having achieved your purpose. This is a power we all have, some more developed than others. Practice this power of visualizing the end states (results) and, as well, the options to get there. This is part of the creative process of setting and attaining our goals. Developing this capability is an effective use of our imagination. Visualization can be designed as both an individual and group process as part of a creative development process.

I use the term ‘end states’ to emphasis the need for a balanced Vision that includes our whole existence- physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and financial. Focus on each of these components as you develop your vision.

I have used visualization exercises in team development, in product development, in ‘process improvement’. I have also used visualization in coaching athletes in improving their performance.