The 2nd S in the acronym of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is very critical to achieving what you want in your career and out of life once you set your direction and defined your core values. To set that direction (your ‘WHY’ factor) and core values (the ‘guide’ to the choices you make) you worked on your 1st S, your Strategic Framework- Purpose, Passion, Vision, Values and Strategies.

Are you ready for the 2nd S? 

Here it is:

  • Share your goals with others

Why is this so important? Sharing your goals with others has so many benefits:

  1. To share a goal, you first have to articulate it; this provides clarity.
  2. It will reinforce your belief, conviction, and commitment to that goal.
  3. It enables you to get valuable feedback on the goal(s)
    1. Do others understand it?
    2. Do they think it is a good goal for you?
    3. Do they support it, and will they assist you in achieving it?
    4. Does it have value for them?
  4. You learn so much on the value of your goal to you, others, and how to improve the goal.
  5. How to achieve the goal becomes so much clearer.

Are not these benefits worthwhile just by being willing and having the courage to share your goals with others? Wow! How can you afford not to share your goals with others?  However, most of us do not even begin by articulating our goals to ourselves, no less share the goal with others.

Are you a Goal Setter?

I ask this basic question because many of us answer “NO” to that question. The reality is that we are all goal setters but many of us do not realize it. Also, there are various forms and degrees of goal setting from very unconscious to very conscious, deliberate, and planned methods to setting goals. The simplest are the daily routines we develop to get us through a day, a week, a month at a time. Just dressing, feeding, recreating, and working are all based on goal setting at one time or another. Making lists of tasks and then crossing them off is a form of goal setting, action planning, and accomplishing the goal.