Each of these letters can act as a guide for you in reflecting on your own success journey through your career and life.  This second C refers to the word COURAGE that at times is required to live a successful life. I use the expression that, ‘sometimes it takes courage to speak up and sometimes it takes courage to be quiet’.

Exercising self-control, respect, and being guided by your core values

Many times, we are challenged by situations that require emotional control. Either we are driven by anger or fear! We want to yell out or run away! This is when we need to ‘take a big breath’ and reflect on the possible consequences of our actions so we can truly respond effectively rather than react, driven by emotion.

Again, as we see this framework unfold, we see the importance of self-direction, purpose, vision, and values. The need to be open both cognitively and emotionally, to continually understand what is happening inside and outside around me. With this understanding we can make better decisions with both conviction and commitment.  This is referred to as Emotional Intelligence in the behavioral sciences today. Research today is indicating that EQ is more important than IQ in effective leaders.

Courage in choosing relationships

Both in my discourse on Principles and on Core Values, I reference the importance of choosing with whom you associate. “You are the co-creator of your present and future!” Two of my core values are “Partnership” and “Mutual Success”, these are both relationship oriented. 

Choosing relationships is not easy, especially in different contexts like family, social relationships, and work. Each must be evaluated differently because we have different desires and needs being satisfied and fulfilled by each. However, none the less these assessments need to be made and are being made consciously or unconsciously! Are your relationships healthy for you and your success?

The importance of aligning your relationships

Step back and consciously begin to assess your relationships and see if they are aligned with your Strategic Framework. Do you have some work to do? Are these significant relationships in alignment? If so, how best do you maintain and enhance them? If not, how to you redefine and align the relationship or disengage from that relationship? Or do you need to change your direction?

Share with us in the Discussion Forum your experiences with COURAGE and aligning relationship.