Why is this such an important ‘action step’ on your success journey? All we have learned through life experiences tells us that over time we gain more of what is truly important in our lives by giving of ourselves to others.

What does the phrase ‘what is truly important’ really mean? It refers to true ‘soul food’, something that feeds the spirit in a person- feeling appreciated, fulfilled, satisfied, worthwhile, of value to you and others.

A Win-Win Strategy

This ‘soul food’ as I call it goes both ways. When you reach out to another and ask, “How can I be of assistance to you in achieving your goals; what is of importance to you; what would you like to accomplish?” You are asking them meaningful and important questions for their success. When they share their answers with you, you are affirming them and validating them. 

When you go on and sincerely ask them why these are important to them, you are helping them to think even more deeply. If they are uncertain, you can help them to explore further the choices they are making. 

Why is this important and valuable to you? To the extent a person allows you to help them in this way says a great deal about the potential of this relationship to grow. It requires openness, candor, caring, humility, acceptance and a willingness to give. These are all the attributes for a ‘healthy relationship. You will know how much you are willing to invest in this relationship and where it is in the present.

‘Action Steps’ to Consider

Putting this strategy into action may take some practice. For some of us we may have not formed the habit of asking others what is important to them, what are their goals in a specific area of their life. As I mentioned, many individuals may not have taken the time or know how to formulate their goals.