Partnership based on a foundation of core values with John King and Wayne Clancy

Wayne Clancy is the Founder and CEO of MindSuiteMetrics and inventor of the MindSuiteTM Human Science GPS Platform.

 The GPS (Global Possibilities System) provides organizations and communities with the same level of ongoing visibility and understanding about people, through data, that they have with their operational and financial systems.


Dave Neal is the founder of NEALABC located in Phoenix, AZ. He has a rich and expansive career spanning over 45 years of professional experience.  Dave spent 25 years in the paper industry primarily with Weyerhaeuser, in sales, sales management, general management, and change management.


Mindfulness for Businesses and Organizations- Kara-Lee Ruotolo is a BLTS Certified Coach as well as our in-house Mindfulness expert. She is the founder and owner of Colibri Yoga and Mindfulness. Kara-Lee has consulted, co-trained, and facilitated with Dr. Bob for several years.


John King, Best-Selling-Author on Tribal Leadership: