A characteristic of success can be defined as ‘to the extent we can contribute positively to both health and wealth creation’.  Besides monitoring physical well-being, we can measure social and emotional well-being.  In the workplace, we use employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction measures.  For wealth, we use Profit and Loss, ROI, and other indicators of wealth creation.  However, on a personal level, if I asked you how you measure wealth and its importance in your life, it will usually come down to a significantly few close, intimate relationships.  How are you managing your wealth creation today?

Focusing on wholeness has to do with assessing the overall impact of our actions.
Focusing on inclusion emphasizes the importance of fostering involvement, participation, and valuing others.  Again, would this kind of focus make a difference in your life and those around you?  What can you do to make this more of a reality in the world in which you interact, your home, your school, or your business?  The first step is awareness and consciousness.