In my professional life I began to explore this concept SUCCESS differently. First, I began by seeking a definition for the term. Webster defines success as 1. Outcome; Result; 2. a. Degree or measure of succeeding; b. favorable or desired outcome.  

Having coached and counseled many individuals in their careers and in their personal lives this term success takes on several other dimensions. In a person’s career it is influenced by the stage of their career, early, mid, or late. It is also influenced by their personal drives, what motivates that individual- position, power, wealth, independence, helping others, aesthetics. Another factor is the person’s ability or natural inclination to compartmentalize their life and functioning into separate areas. In doing so they may see big differences in what they would define as success in their functioning in different areas of their life, e.g. personal, family, social, physical, financial, and career.

What about your job, career, or business success? How do you see it or define it?