Most frequent questions and answers

Great question! Many of us have never defined what success means to us. We have listened to how other define success for us or how our society defines being successful. In this course you are asked to define success for yourself. The course provides you with a guide to do so.

This course is part of a larger curriculum designed to develop leadership abilities and its focus is primarily on developing the individual’s self-awareness from several different perspectives:

  • What I think of myself
  • How others see me
  • How I see the world around me including my beliefs and values
  • What my motivators are and my behavioral styles and those of others
  • And much more

This curriculum is a new and different way to look at leadership and developing leadership capabilities.

If you are not sure you are on the right path in life or in your career. If you are in ‘transition’ and want a ‘process’ to guide your way through. If you want to develop or hone your basic leadership skills and abilities. These are all reasons to consider module 1, that is why we refer to it our foundational course.

Great question! The way all these courses are designed you can take them more than once. It depends on several factors. Each course is designed around a central purpose or theme and has a set of objectives. See how they match your needs at any given time. The course is very interactive requiring you the learner to respond to exercises and questions. As your situation changes so will your responses. Look at each course as a ‘conditioning program’ working on your mental conditioning-attitudes, beliefs, values, cognitive abilities, skills, knowledge.

First, all the courses/modules are part of an integrated organization and talent development system, Beyond Leadership to Transformation. It is a comprehensive curriculum to develop leadership competencies in four areas: Self-direction, Self-management, Self-motivation, and Relationship Building. Ask us to send you more about this System.

We would not start with that question. First ask yourself, “Why do I want to take a course or more specifically this course?” What are my goals for taking this course? What am I looking for from this course, knowledge, skills, etc.? How best do I learn? Can I learn better individually or in a group, or a combination of both? These are just a few questions to get you started to evaluate what is best for you.

We have designed a great deal of flexibility into our ‘learning system’ to respond to your specific needs. To name a few our courses’ contents is easily accessible online with additional resources being continuously updated. You have several choices to design your learning experience- individual, self-paced learning; have a ‘Capability Partner’ assigned; be part of a Chat Room; be a member of a Mastermind Group; be assigned a Coach; attend online seminars. You can even bring a course or courses inhouse to your own organization! Speak with our Support Team.