Beyond Leadership to Transformation System™

What is the problem that BLTS is designed to solve? How does one communicate the intent and demonstrate the power of this system?

It’s all about ‘Creating and sustaining a Culture of High-Performance’! As a firm QPI is always focused on individual, team, and organizational performance.

The BLTS is all about developing the capability (Organization and Talent Development System) of an organization’s mindset, including the people skills and the tool sets needed for success. 

The curriculum component provides a common language for leadership and performance that enables individuals to maintain focus and gain clarity in their roles both at the strategic (direction) and operational (results) level. The curriculum and Mastermind Teams are designed to develop participants in four competency areas: self-direction, self-management, self-motivation, and relationship building.

Implicit in the design of BLTS is how you can lead change, creating an environment that sustains the health and wellbeing of its members toward cultural transformation.  (Other BLTS Components: Mastermind Teams; MotivCreations- inspirational, educational messages; ongoing use of Behavioral Assessments, surveys, and outcome-oriented metrics.)

What makes your course better than other courses?

We would not start with that question. First ask yourself, “Why do I want to take a course or more specifically this course?” What are my goals for taking this course? What am I looking for from this course- knowledge, skills, etc.? How best do I learn? Can I learn better individually or in a group, or a combination of both? These are just a few questions to get you started on how to evaluate what is best for you.

We have designed a great deal of flexibility into our ‘learning system’ to respond to your specific needs. To name a few our Courses’ Contents are easily accessible online with additional resources being continuously updated. You have extensive choices when designing your learning experience including Instructor led, self-paced, assigning a ‘Capability Partner’, participation in a Chat Room, membership in a Mastermind Group, Coaching assignments; as well as attending online seminars. You can even bring a course or courses inhouse to your own organization! Speak with our Support Team for the options that work for you.

How do I know what course to take when?

First, all the courseware/modules are part of an integrated organization and talent development system contained in our, Beyond Leadership to Transformation curriculum. It is a comprehensive approach for developing leadership competencies in four areas: 

  • Self-direction, 
  • Self-management, 
  • Self-motivation, and 
  • Relationship Building. 

Ask us to send you more information about this System.

Each course has a brief description and its own objectives to help you decide which is right for you or your team at any time. Consult with one of our Coaches or Support team members for details.

Module 1 Revisiting What Success Means to Me!

I don’t understand the title. What is this course all about?

Great question! Many of us have never defined what success means to us. We have listened to how others define our success or how our society defines being successful. In this course you are asked to define your own success. This course provides you with the way to achieve this objective.

Why is the course 8 weeks long? That is a long time!

The learning process focuses on your personal transformation on three functional levels: 

  • Mindset – how you think… (we refer to this as mental conditioning). 
  • Skill set – developing new skills or sharpening existing skills.  
  • Tool sets – we provide you with new tools for both defining success and achieving your own success. 

In order to ensure that candidates include the time required to practice what they have learned as they progress through the curriculum, we recommend a period of 8 weeks to enhance their total learning experience.

What is meant when you say this course is ‘foundational’ and one of six courses or modules?

This course is part of a larger curriculum designed to develop leadership abilities and its focus is primarily on developing the individual’s self-awareness from several different perspectives:

  • What I think of myself
  • How others see me
  • How I see the world around me including my beliefs and values
  • What my motivators are and my behavioral styles and those of others
  • And much more

This curriculum affords a new perspective and a unique way to look at leadership and developing leadership capabilities.

Who should take this course (module 1)?

  • If you are unsure of whether you are on the right path in life or in your career.
  • If you find yourself in ‘transition’ and need an approach to guide you forward. 
  • If you are looking to develop or hone your basic leadership skills. 

These are all reasons to consider module 1. Our foundational course represents a solid start in your personal journey.

If I completed the first course (module 1), should I or would I need to take it again?

Great question!  Each course is designed around a central purpose or theme with a clear set of objectives. These courses are also designed to link with your current level of experience. Depending on changes in your career path or a new position of responsibility, you may find a need to revisit certain objectives to confirm understanding or to realign your perspective. 

Look at each course as a ‘conditioning program’ providing an opportunity to check in on your mindset, including skill sets. Afterall we all need to refresh our outlook from time to time.

These courses/modules provide the opportunity to do just that!

Coaching Certification

When should I consider becoming certified in the BLT SYSTEM of Coaching?

When I….

  • need that added credibility of being part of sometime bigger than just me!
  • need to expand my ability to serve more clients (Mastermind Groups).
  • need to develop ‘passive income’.
  • need to demonstrate how I differentiate myself from other coaches.
  • want to spend less time preparing for my sessions and more time with clients.
  • want to give more for less!
  • need to have a support team for me!

These are just a few reasons why you should join the BLTS Team of Coaches.

What do you have available to develop our supervisors and future high potential leaders?

Our Leadership Development Certification is excellent for supervisors and high potential employees. The skills set and tools provided enable the supervisor to understand and coach their employees in the four competency areas, as well as, how to facilitate Mastermind teams with their own supervisors.

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate!

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