We last focused on the Courage to Act to stay aligned with your purpose, vision, values, and strategies. Many times, for whatever reason, it is easy to get off track on our success journey. We need to continuously be gathering information, sensing both inwardly and from outside ourselves, are we on the best track to achieve both the short-term and long-term goals we desire to live the life we would like to live?

To live the life we desire to live, is quite the qualifier! Is our business and career just part of living a full and satisfying life, or have we made it our life goal?  

When on track the “E” to the 5th power kicks in. The 1st of the 5th power is ENTHUSIASM! You enjoy that you are doing and accomplishing. You enjoy talking and sharing what you are up to, your challenges, your creativity, where it is leading you. The 2nd E is your positive ENERGY. You are working longer and harder than usual with more energy and less need for recovery time. You and those working with you (if this is a team effort) are ENGAGED, being pulled towards your vision. Each of you can see and feel it unfolding. It does not mean without setbacks or obstacles. You address them, support each other, and move through them. 

These three powers, enthusiasm, energy, and engagement are supported and reinforces by clarity of purpose, vision and values, the 1st S. Practicing the 5 VOWELS (Appreciation, Expectations. Involvement, Ownership, and Understanding) explained in another one of my articles builds and support the team, reinforcing the 5 “E”s.  

Now what would your guess be for the last two “E”s? That is right, EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY! Effectiveness has to do with achieving results, goal attainment, and efficiency has to do with cost-effectiveness, and quality, meeting specifications. We will describe this further in our next segment on the next “S” in SUCCESS. 

For now, review each of the letters in this acronym. See how they are sequentially interconnected, build on each other, support and enhance each other. Through this discovery process, each element can potentially be refined clarifying and possibly changing one understanding of their own purpose and vision, affecting one’s goals and how you attain them.

Our SUCCESS Journey is or, at least, can be very dynamic, challenging, and satisfying! Tune in next week when we examine the importance of sharing your goals with others.

Have you experienced “E” to the 5 Power? If so how? Please go to our Discussion Forum and share your experiences. If you have questions for me or others on this subject share that as well.