BLTS Curriculum Content:

Executive and Leadership Team Introduction and Overview Module

  • Five lessons that explain and demonstrate
    • Why this System was created.
    • How the System works.
    • Describing and experientially deploys each component.
    • Drafting an implementation plan.

Modules 1-6

  1. Revisiting What SUCCESS means to you and your Career/Business (Foundational)

Define your ‘Why’, your Core Values, learn the power of visualization. Gain a better understanding of who you are and your abilities. Create a goal setting framework and much more!

  1. Your Strategic Framework

Develop your own strategic framework, clarifying your purpose and mission, refining and operationalizing your core values. Provided with tools and exercises like mind mapping and more…

  1. Leadership – “Discovering and Applying the New Entrepreneurial Spirit Model and Five Success Principles!”

Thinking about leadership in a new and exciting way that releases positive energies and empowers every individual. Tools that enable you to clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Gives you 5 SUCCESS Principles that can recreate your workplace and life into a high performing, creative and positive culture.

  1. The Power of Building Relationships

Building relationships is a core competency to be successful in one’s career, business, and in life. Identify your key relationships; assess your relationships and establish action plans to sustain and make them even better!  Acquire and apply several tools for relationship building. Learn how to work on your own self-esteem and confidence.

  1. Creating a Positive Difference- Building an Effective Performance Culture!

Tools and exercises to develop and reinforce leadership skills and abilities in yourself including coaching and mentoring capabilities.  Contains a structured journaling process reinforcing learning from your Leadership and SUCCESS Principles Module.

  1. Taking Ownership of your Career!

Clarifies your role and the role of the organization you are part of regarding your own career development.  Provides a framework and process for career development including tools and guidelines for their use. Enables you to practice the use of Informational Interviews to gain knowledge of possible career possibilities and opportunities.

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