Dr. Robert Ruotolo

Dr. Robert Ruotolo (Dr. Bob) is an educator, mentor, speaker, and author who has been involved in Organization Development and Business consulting for over 30 years.

  • Focusing his attention on living with sense of purpose and passion, Dr. Bob has developed a transformative coaching system that motivates, informs, and guides those seeking a better understanding of personal/professional performance and wellbeing.
  • He is the founder of the Quantum Performance Institute whose main mission is to facilitate the development of leadership abilities of the workforce, at all levels, while creating a positive, corporate culture empowering employees to be both productive and satisfied.
  • The experience gained through his corporate consulting and fifteen years spent in clinical family counseling has given Dr. Bob the understanding of what it takes to be successful and how to instill this knowledge in others. https://jasaseo.link/jasa-seo-murah/

Dr. Jeannie Duncan

Dr. Jeannie Duncan leads our Coaching Certifications component. She has 25 years of corporate leadership experience in talent management and organizational development roles across the U.S. and in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America. Optimistic, focused and intuitive, she moves well across cultures and has a gift for seeing the big picture of any organizational system, along with the genius and contributions of individuals and teams. To broaden her impact, Jeannie stepped out of the corporate world in 2014. Now she serves the top executives who need her most, across a broad range of industries, to create healthy, mutually-rewarding workplaces–and help bring the world to a better, more vibrant place.

Jason Ake

Jason Ake, the owner and founder of Waypoint Creative, partners with us as our digital strategist He makes sure that all digital and social marketing efforts are strategically aligned. From assisting with SEO strategy and implementation to cross-pollinating our messaging through mobile efforts, pay-per-click opportunities and similar platforms, Jason is the person who helps us spread the word to our prospects and clients and to deliver our digital services.

Bruce Inouye

Bruce Inouye has created all our marketing and online course video productions. He is an internet marketing consultant specializing in helping businesses get more customers through the “fine art” of online marketing techniques. He has created video productions for both marketing and online curricula. Bruce has collaborated with Dr. Bob for over twenty years. He has produced over 520 events that included corporate, social, fundraisers, user groups, trade shows, awards banquets, and booked live entertainment local, national and international.

Brad Briant

Brad Briant comes with a strong project management engineering background. Technically and internet savvy, Brad is overseeing our online curriculum delivery capability. He is also guiding our Business Planning process.

Kara-Lee Ruotolo

Kara-Lee Ruotolo is a BLTS Certified Coach as well as our inhouse Mindfulness expert. She is the founder and owner of Colibri Yoga and Mindfulness. Kara-Lee has consulted, co-trained and facilitated with Dr. Bob for several years. Have a look at her company, Colibri.

Brian Corbett

Brian Corbett an advisor to our BLTS rollout. He is a former internal Change Management consultant with Air Canada, experienced with implementation of eLearning as an integral part of a leadership development strategy. Managed large-scaled Culture and Technology Change projects in nation-wide corporations.

Jerry Woodrow

Jerry Woodrow an advisor to our eLearning curriculum development and applications. Jerry has a breadth of business development experience and is well versed in our technologies and methodologies. He is a master of Blended Learning. Have a look at his company, Learning Appeal.